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Other frequently asked questions

Is True Colours 100% Australian?

Yes, True Colours is 100% Australian made, owned, developed.

Where is True Colours manufactured?

All True Colours recipes are manufactured in New South Wales, Australia (just outside of Sydney).

Is the True colours manufacturing facility HACCP accredited?

True Colours recipes are manufactured at our state of the art manufacturing facility that is HACCP certified. To learn more about HACCP click here.

Does True Colours meet AFFCO standards?

True Colours recipes provide complete and balanced nutrition and are formulated to exceed the nutrition levels as set by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. To learn more about AFFCO click here.


What is the best way to store True Colours?

Every bag of True Colours has a zip lock seal, food will remain fresh best if stored sealed in a cool, dry environment.


What is the shelf life of True Colours?

True Colours has 18 months best before from date of manufacture which can be found printed on the base of every bag.

How should I transition my best friend over to True Colours?

The True Colours transitioning guide has all the information you need to successfully move your best friend to a True Colours recipe.

How much True Colours is right for my dog or puppy?

Refer to the True Colours feeding guides for advice on how much is right for your dog. If you’re unsure, just contact us. Also always ensure your best friend has access to clean fresh water at all times.


Where can I purchase True Colours from?

Click this link to take you to our store finder and stockists page.


Why is True Colours kibble the size it is?

True Colours kibble that 11–12mm diameter and round in shape. This size suits all dogs as feeding too large a kibble can create the possibility of causing air way obstruction in smaller dogs. It is also important that the dogs’ teeth penetrate the kibble to achieve a brushing effect. This may help reduce plaque which leads to tartar and encourages good oral health. Also, independent testing has proven that kibble size does not affect palatability.


Why is there sometimes a slight variance in the colour of True Colours kibble?

Meats and vegetables are subject to natural colour variations and True Colours is 100% natural, no artificial colours or dyes are used in any of our recipes. Although some other manufacturers use colours and dyes to create consistently coloured kibble, our animal nutritionists can maintain relatively consistent kibble without the use of such unnecessary additives.


What preservatives are used in True Colours?

The only preservative used in our products is a Natural Vitamin E / Mixed Tocopherols.

Does True Colours contain any artificial colours or flavours?

No, we don't use any artificial colour or flavours.

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